Our Dedicated team of industrial and graphic designers immerse themselves into your project from start to finish, working with our manufacturing team to produce inspired and creative concepts that are production and budget driven.

Specialising in Conceptual Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, 2D and 3D Graphic Rendering, Technical Drawings and fully printed prototyping.


The team at PMS Lithography strive to possess the complete printing experience, starting from the graphic design.

Our design team has the knowledge and experience to create the perfect artwork for your print job. Whether it’s a Poster or Point of Sale Display; whether it’s printed on paper or acrylic; whether it’s small or large print; we can design it for you!


Structural Design is an integral part of the printing industry. When it comes to cardboard/paper structural design, we can create and cut any form that suits your needs. With a wide range of milling, routing, creasing and die cutting tools at our disposal, we can finish any print job with absolute precision.

In-house Graphic & Structural Design to ensure the entirety of your job can be completed at PMS Lithography.

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